Laurie Soulsby

Fundraising Coordinator

I have been fundraising for charities as long as I can remember. Even after graduating college and beginning my career as an educator, I continued to volunteer with causes close to my heart. I became a professional fundraiser in the not-for-profit world in 2001. I have been with CoxHealth Foundation since 2012.

When Michael and Adene came to my office with their dream of a Grey Matters Fund and wanted to plan an event to raise money and increase awareness, I was hooked! They intended to meet an unmet need and were clearly determined to make their vision a reality.

The Grey Matters mission recently became personal to me when a young lady I am very close to was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. I was reminded that any serious diagnosis throws the patient and their loved ones into a world of new terminology, elusive explanations, heart wrenching decisions that need to be made rather quickly, inconceivable options and fear of the absolute unknown.

In order for us to provide the best customer service possible, we must meet the human need for compassion and wise guidance born from experience. This is a huge part of what I see coming from the Grey Matters mission.

I was hooked when Adene and Michael walked in the door, I am in for the long haul, it is my privilege to help wherever and whenever I can.