Going Grey for Teka and Chloe

Mother (Teka) and daughter (Chloe) are both undergoing treatment for the same type of tumors. I have had the privilege of getting to know them both over the past several years through Grey Matters Fund.

Teka continues to bring awareness each day to the brain tumor population through her positive outlook on life while battling a meningioma.

The following is a post made by Teka…

Today is the first day of May! I Go Grey in May for Brain Tumor Awareness. Chloe and I have Grade II Atypical Meniginoma Brain Tumors with a genetic mutation called SMARCE1 they located at the brainnstem. I get many questions about these tumors. No they are not cancerous but grow like cancer and are constantly in the process of mutation. The location effects our livelihood and daily functions. For every surgery we have had or may have we know the chances of something being effected are present. We have been very blessed that most of the issues have been temporary.
The SMARCE1 trait only has been studied in 90 individuals world wide so we are 2 of 90 meaning little is known. What i know is its a predisposition to have these tumors bc of an error in the dna strand.

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